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Fueled by technicality.

Forged ahead with Speed.

Rethinking what’s possible within street skateboarding, Red Bull Hart Lines pushes the boundaries of the standard.



The brainchild of Ryan Sheckler, Hart Lines is a completely unique event that tests competitors technical prowess in Skateboarding while throwing the importance of speed in the mix. Red Bull Hart Lines is a coveted street skateboard competition that has stretched our imagination of how a street skateboard competition is defined. By bringing the world’s most elite skateboarders together, and forcing them out of their comfort zone, an exciting new competition emerged as the result.


Lightwork headed out to the Hart Lines event in Detroit to capture some never before seen video and photo combination assets for Red Bull social media channels. We debuted our signature freeze frame video assets with Ryan Sheckler and the result was viral and has seen high interest across many industries since.

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