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Energized by Running. Empowered by Nike.

Much like New York, The Nike Go NYC 5K is full of energy.



Running is the activity in which Nike was born, and stand for pushing people to live life at their full potential regardless of what may be in their way (mental or physical). In order to celebrate this mission and inspire people to motivate themselves to keep moving forward, Nike put on a global event series for the launch of their latest and greatest running shoe, React GO.


We partnered with Nike to help capture the feeling of the Nike GO NYC 5k in New York. We laced up for #ChooseGoNYC and New York chose to put down the phone, try something new, run with their crews and take on the city. The infamous Manhattan bridge was shut down to help bring people together around the shared passion of running and music. At the finish line, Nike had a special musical guest performance waiting for the participants to help celebrate their efforts… Diplo!



To effectively communicate the feeling of the GO NYC 5K, we capture the event’s light, springy and electric characteristics. We creatively crafted a series of short videos capturing the feeling of happiness, hard work, and celebration that this unique event emulated.  Within a complete digital solution, we crafted 3 videos to tell the story of Nike GO NYC 5K with a creatively designed and integrated cover image to help tell the story on the @nikenyc Instagram feed.

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