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Legends Never Die.

Demonstrated by MGK

In Life and Death, it’s our morals, values, and what we represented that exists after we pass on.



To stay true to yourself and where you’re from is an aspect of life that cannot be taken lightly. Being fully grounded in who you are is a unique gift that we should all be proud of. In the emotional and provoking song “Till I Die” Machine Gun Kelly emphasizes the importance behind this concept by speaking his truth with intensity. The dedication of repping his city till death is incredibly inspiring and respectable.


For the official music video of “Till I Die”, Lightwork collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly to authentically capture the grueling environment of the neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio that MGK grew up in. Showing how the kid can escape the hood with hard work and determination, but you can’t ever take the hood out of the kid when they make it. This piece came together with a tasteful feel of community and sense of hood style for where MGK originated and the inspiration behind his music.

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