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Inspired by the pursuit of freedom. Activated by American Eagle.

The cultural sculptors of our generation are the doers, thinkers, rebels and creators who extend beyond the confines of traditional lifestyles.



American Eagle Outfitters is a leading global specialty retailer offering high-quality clothing at an affordable price. With a mission to help their customers redefine who they are and where they are going, AEO empowers people to realize that living your dream life all begins with self confidence. Naturally, AEO’s mission resonates with the creative communities that are constantly pushing boundaries and seeking alternative lifestyles.


Lightwork collaborated with American Eagle to help bring their mission to life through a video piece telling the inspirational story of a featured content creator, @bryant. We decided to tag along with him on one of his photo shoots exploring the iconic LA scenery. The video showcases theprocess, morales and drive behind his unique line of work. The identification of AEO and Bryant came together to create a seamless piece that accentuates the lifestyle of one of today’s most respected content creators.

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