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Driven by Technology

Cultivated with Amazon

Mashable and Amazon combined forces to bring an emotionally charged story to life, featuring the positive role that technology plays in the education of today’s children.



Technology holds a powerful opportunity to influence the cognitive evolution of our youth. We collaborated with Amazon x Mashable to create a feel-good story highlighting this modern power in today's society. Integrating a trifecta of key expert testimonies, scientific insights, and real-life examples to highlight the power that mindful tech plays in child development. 



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The goal was to showcase technology’s ability to empower parents as they strive to successfully raise a family in the modern world. The result was a beautiful, modern docu-style video validating the case for technology as a healthy and essential driving force in creating the smartest generation ever. Effectively inspiring connection between Amazon's consumer and Mashable’s family-based audience.

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